GREECE, the beautiful ISLAND of NAXOS (ΝΑΞΟΣ), the BEST BEACH to go to

SUBSCRIBE: – Let’s go to Naxos which is a Greek island in the South Aegean, the largest of the Cyclades island group. Its fertile landscape spans mountain villages, ancient ruins and long stretches of beach. The namesake capital (also called Hora or Chora) is a port town filled with whitewashed, cube-shaped houses and medieval Venetian mansions.

We are going to visit 5 beaches and we will decide which is the best one: 1) The beach of Agios Georgios or what the tourists call Saint George, is the main tourist area of the island and despite the number of hotels, restaurants, bars and tourist shops it is a very enjoyable place to be, if you like windsurfing, water-sports, people watching and if you have children because the sea is very shallow. 2) and 3) The beaches of Agios Prokopis and Agia Anna are a little quieter but also very popular and there are rows of umbrellas and beach chairs that you can rent. Many hotels provide them for free so ask if you are staying nearby. These beaches though crowded in places are long enough so you can always find somewhere semi-private. These two beaches are considered by many to be the most beautiful in Greece with clear turquoise water that makes every picture you take look like a postcard or an advertisement for a Caribbean holiday. 4) Further on, the beach at Plaka is considered by others to be the best beach on the island with about five kilometers of golden sand. 5) The town of Apollonos (photo), on the far northern tip of the island has a large sandy cove and some restaurants and hotels and the feel of being on another island altogether.

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