Greece Powerball Results: Sunday, 10 February 2019

The latest Greece Powerball results are out, following the draw on Sunday, 10 February 2019.

As such, the Greece Powerball results on Sunday, 10 February 2019 are as follows:

Greece Powerball results:

7, 13, 15, 41, 42 Powerball: 7

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Estimated Jackpot

The Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A. indicated that the jackpot for the Greece Powerball, or its official name, Joker, for Sunday, 10 February 2019, was an amount of €600,000 (approximately R9.2 million).

Current Draw and Jackpot History

The last time the Greece Powerball produced a jackpot winner was on 7 February 2019. The eight lucky winners bagged an amount of €538,011 (approximately R8.2 million) each.

Greece Powerball Results Trivia

The jackpot on 10 February 2019, which is an amount of €600,000 (approximately R9.2 million), is the lowest jackpot amount in 2018.

The previous highest amounts of the Greece Powerball jackpot in 2018, have to date been €10 million (approximately R154.2 million) on 29 October 2018 and €9.1 million (approximately R140.3 million) on 12 August 2018.

As a matter of fact, the Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A., commonly known as OPAP, has this year alone already distributed more than €56.3 million (R868.5 million) in total winnings to 23 jackpot winners.

Lastly, it is worth noting that the most commonly drawn winning numbers per the Greece Powerball results over the years, largely remain the same, and are: 31, 37, 21, 34, 41 and 28 – with 30 bubbling under. The least drawn number is 33, which has been drawn 162 times.

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