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The journalist was interrupted by a large pig during a live report on the widespread flooding in the tourist hotspot of Kineta, Greece. Lazos Mantikos was chased by the affectionate pig and even said he was “biten” at one point. Speaking in Greek, Anchor Giorgos Papadakis began the report: “Now let’s go to Kineta where people are counting their wounds.

“Lazos Mantikos is there.”

The reporter said: “Good morning, we have an issue.

“Giorgos can you hear me, we have a pig here that has been chasing us since this morning.

“Folks sorry I can’t stand still because it’s biting me.”

Footage shows the large pig following the reporter and repeatedly nipping at his legs.

Two Antenna TV Good Morning Greece anchors can be seen in stitches during the live report.

Mr Papadakis apologised for the laughter, before saying: “Lazos, because it’s a tragic issue and we are counting our wounds in Kineta try and work things out with the female pig.”

He added: “This is about wanting that one moment of fame.

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