Fears of a fourth COVID wave grow in Greece as new cases skyrocket to 7,335

Greece announced 7,335 new coronavirus infections on Monday, the highest number since the start of the pandemic in the country, breaking the record for the third time in two weeks. 

According to Ekathimerini, there were also 65 deaths, up from 52 the previous day, bringing the total number to 16,361.

This news comes as vaccination appointments shot up after new restrictions on unvaccinated people kicked in over the weekend.

Senior health ministry official, Marios Themistocleous, told a briefing on Monday that over the past seven days there’s been an 185% increase in first vaccination appointments and a 200% surge in booster shot appointments.

“It’s a very important increase,” he said. “What has changed is the introduction of the new measures and the high number of infections… But this must continue, and the pace of appointments must increase.”

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Under the measures that came into effect on Saturday, unvaccinated people in Greece can only enter banks, government departments and most shops if they show a recent negative COVID-19 test. The same applies to outdoor restaurant and café areas, while only vaccinated people are allowed indoors at such establishments.

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Unrestricted access is still allowed for supermarkets, shops selling food and pharmacies. Unvaccinated people must also present two negative tests weekly to access their workplaces.

The country has so far recorded nearly 800,000 infections and more than 16,300 deaths.

Source: AP News.

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