Everything to Know About Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House In Mykonos, Greece

Lindsay Lohan’s new beach club in Mykonos is obviously the scene for MTV’s Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, but it’s also a real place you can actually hang. (Read: rage.)

In case you haven’t heard, LiLo is on a mission to create her own empire, and is becoming quite the mogul in Greece. She has a nightclub in Athens, and another beach resort in Rhodes. Although the series is premiering tonight, the beach spot has been open to the general public since May, and the people who have already visited have… thoughts. Here is everything you need to know about partying like it’s 2007 at Lindsay Lohan’s buzzy Greek beach spot.

The Beach

Lohan Mykonos sits on the shore of Kalo Livadi. The website brags, “Lohan Beach House Mykonos only embellishes what is already naturally surreal.” In other words, you will only need to slap a filter on your vacation photos if you’re picky about maintaining a strong grid aesthetic.

Although it’s currently closed for the off-season, the beach has 200 umbrellas for you to sip bubbly under. According to one TripAdvisor review, you can rent a sun bed for $30, but it’ll be $50 if you want a front row, considerably more Instagram-worthy bed. Apparently, this is pretty reasonable pricing for clubs in the area. (If you’re the kind of person who frequents beach clubs in Mykonos, that is.) When in season, you can either make a reservation on the website, or just show up and pay when you get there. Sounds chill enough.

The Restaurant

Lohan Beach House also has a restaurant, which serves up Mediterranean food and promises “unexpected flavor combinations.” It’s vegetarian friendly, and you can expect to spend anywhere between $25 and $75.

Visitors have given the food a range of reviews from “basic” to “exceptional” on TripAdvisor, so if you’re planning on visiting, it’s probably best to go with a “set your standards low and you won’t be disappointed” mentality.

The Boutique

After a few cocktails, you can swing by the Sotris boutique to cop LiLo’s style, which is described as “Londonish” on the website.

No word yet on whether it includes the iconic silver jumpsuit Lindsay was filmed dancing in back in September, but it’s probably all stuff that fits that vibe.

The “Wellness Corner”

I mean, would this even be a celebrity business endeavor if there wasn’t some sort of “wellness” connection? Absolutely not. The website keeps the “wellness corner” information pretty vague; you won’t find a list of services or even any decent photos of the corner. Out of 172 TripAdvisor reviews, not a single one mentions the spa, and the Instagram doesn’t even indicate that it exists. Maybe it’s a new feature?

So, does Lindsay even hang out there?

Between accusing families of trafficking their own children and tending to her other two Greek business ventures, Lindsay Lohan is a busy woman these days. She has also deleted almost all of her Instagram posts from 2018, so she’s left us with little to creep. However, she does have an IG highlight filled with some of her favorite times in Mykonos, and the posts are pretty spaced out, so it seems like she spends a significant amount of time there. (Although, that could have just been for filming, so who knows!)

Real Housewives of New York alum Jill Zarin attended the grand opening of the beach house. Lindsay has also been seen partying in Mykonos with Tiffany Trump, although the since-deleted Instagrams they shared were tagged at another restaurant.

The bottom line: Lindsay Lohan does whatever the hell she wants so if you’re trying to time a run-in with your favorite Mean Girls star, it might be tricky. But, the beach house certainly has a LiLo flair to it, so if simply partying like her instead of in the close vicinity of her is something you are interested in, this is your spot.

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