Elli Paspala: The fact that Antetokunbo has reached the highest level, is a conquest that makes us proud, applaud and chant it everywhere

Elli Paspala She was born in New York City to immigrant parents and spent a significant part of her life in the United States.

He knows, therefore, how few Greeks feel abroad for their homeland they left behind, how much effort they make to progress and especially for the lasting and indestructible bond of love for Greece.

Speaking in Athens 9.84 and in Margarita Mytilineou, the important singer did not hide her emotion and joy for another child of immigrants, Giannis Antitokoumbo who triumphed managing to lead the Milwaukee Bucks to the top of the NBA, living one of the most important moments of his career and having by his side more of 1.000 Greek expatriates from New York who gave a thunderous “present” at Barclay’s Center.

“It is very moving because this child comes from an immigrant family, as I am. The fact that a child can literally reach the highest level out of nowhere is an achievement that makes us proud, applaud and chant it everywhere. Maybe we could say a lot of negatives about America, but it is a country that gives opportunities. Immigrants have a lot to offer in the countries they end up in“He stressed.

He noted that Greeks abroad are possessed by feelings of pride for their “heritage” and they try to transmit this to their children and society in general.

“They rely a lot on each other and when necessary they unite and the Greek community acquires a tremendous power”, he added.

Elli Paspala, however, after almost a year of absence from music due to the pandemic, returns to the stage tonight and invites us to spend a night with her in the Garden of the Concert Hall, as if we were in her own garden.

As he said, he will perform favorite songs, not only Greek but also Portuguese, Spanish, from the fados of the Portuguese singer Duarte to melodies of “Paloma” that will take us to the shores of America and of course many jazz songs.

“This is my first summer concert in front of an audience, after almost a year. Of course, it was preceded by the collaboration with the wonderful Athens 9.84, which gave us the opportunity to get in touch with the world, online. The fact that so much time has passed, on the one hand creates an anticipation, on the other a terrible anxiety. The dominant emotion, however, is the longing to meet people again and of course with my favorite collaborators, David Lynch and Takis Farazis, with whom I always have a good time “, he said with joy.


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