Electric Aircraft To Revolutionize Travel And Protect Ecosystem In Greece

Electric aircraft to be acquired by Aria Hotels, one of the hospitality subsidiaries of the Libra Group, will offer a new traveling experience in Greece.

Beginning around 2026 and in partnership with LCI Aviation, a sister company within the Libra Group, Aria Hotels will provide holiday-goers vacationing in and around its fifty properties across Greece with access to electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) to traverse Greece and its exceptional islands.

This paradigm-shifting technology allows guests to travel in a sustainable, time-efficient, and economical fashion, which is net-carbon zero, helping to protect the stunning ecosystem, Aria Hotels says in the announcement.

LCI, also a subsidiary of the Libra Group, recently signed a deal with BETA Technologies (BETA), the developer of a fully integrated electric aviation system, to acquire up to 125 of the company’s eVTOL aircraft.

Under the terms of the deposit-backed agreement, LCI will initially acquire fifty aircraft with an option for a total of up to 125. The eVTOL aircraft is currently under development at BETA’s facility in Burlington, Vermont.

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