Egypt’s health minister visits Greece to boost medical cooperation

Egypt’s Minister of Health and Population, Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, met with George Apostolopoulos, the Chairperson of the Athens Medical Group, and other representatives of the group, during his visit to Greece. The meetings took place at the headquarters of the Athens Medical Center, one of the largest and most advanced medical facilities in Greece.

Abdel Ghaffar praised the long-standing fraternal relations between Egypt and Greece, and expressed his interest in enhancing the cooperation between the two countries in the health sector. He discussed with the Greek side the possibility of investing in green and environmentally friendly medical facilities in Egypt, as well as supporting the ongoing Egyptian health projects and attracting medical investments.

The minister also explored the opportunities for exchanging medical expertise, training, skills, and knowledge with the Greek side. He expressed his intention to establish a medical college in Egypt in collaboration with Greece. He highlighted the achievements of the Egyptian state in the health sector, such as the presidential initiative “100 Million Health” and the comprehensive national health insurance system.

The minister and the Greek side agreed on developing a plan for cooperation in the field of health tourism, as well as remote diagnosis. They also agreed to hold periodic meetings to follow up on the progress of their cooperation.

Abdel Ghaffar visited the Athens Medical Center and inspected its modern and advanced medical centers and laboratories. He was invited by Apostolopoulos to attend the opening of the group’s new wing in November.

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