DJ Krazy Kon celebrates his 20 years in the discography this year

  • Next month he releases his 28th CD
  • The Greece Mix series managed to enter the Australian mar
  • Kostas Daris completes two decades in the discography
Twenty years of recording and a total of 28 albums of the successful series “Greece Mix” is completed this year by Kostas Daris, known under the nickname DJ Krazy Kon

With last year’s creation topping the charts, the homegrown disc jockey promises his 28th album to make an even bigger impact, on the occasion of two decades in the discography.

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Χρονιά ορόσημο η φετινή για τον σπουδαίο ομογενή DJ Credit: Supplied/DJ Krazy Kon

“The CD coming out in October, which I just started working on, will be the 28th CD in my discography and we are preparing for something big, because it will be 20 years of music for Krazy Kon, with the best Greek hits coming out of Greece. My label and I are thinking of doing something to celebrate 20 years and the 28 CDs that have come out since then,” the Greek Australian DJ and producer said in an interview with SBS Greek.

Kostas Daris looks back on his start in the recording industry, but also on the need that led him to create this CD series.
“I started DJing in clubs in 1994. I was working all over Sydney, in all the bars and Greek clubs that existed back then. Around 2000-01 I had been popular not only in Sydney but generally around Australia in other cities and I wanted to take the next step, after DJing, to become a producer. I had a dream to put out a record, a Greek CD here from Australia. I was going and buying a lot of the CDs that were coming out of Greece. It was the Golden Hits. It was Hell was… it was… and I was like, if we could get a CD out of Greece, abroad, it would be great. That’s how this idea started,” he said.
DJ Krazy Kon, through hard work over two decades, has managed to gain the appreciation of not only the Australian music fans, but also artists in Greece with whom he collaborates.

“I’m very proud to be the only DJ in all these 20 years that I’ve been around, to be known by all the labels in Greece, the singers, the managers and so on, to be the only one doing this outside of Greece, properly, with a label and we’ve put not only Australia, not only my name, but Greek music on the map worldwide. That’s very important to me. It’s a dream because when I put out my first album I didn’t expect this,” he said.

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Ο DJ Krazy Kon ποζάρει με υπερηφάνεια με το CD Greece Mix που κυκλοφόρησε πέρσι Credit: Supplied/DJ Krazy Kon

Apart from the successful CD series “Greece Mix”, Kostas Daris has been hosting Greek artists and bands for a series of concerts at Antipodes with the same result.

Among others, Christos Dantis, Ilias Vrettos, Konstantinos Koufos, Master Tempo, Stavento and many others visited Australia on his own initiative.

As stated on DJ Krazy Kon’s official website, as a producer he has created the iconic GREECE MIX CD series, which has become the best-selling Greek CD series in Australian history, and has broken all records and barriers with its distribution in mainstream stores in the country.

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