Crete rated in top 5 best destinations in the world

The Greek island of Crete has been rated amongst some of the worlds best destination spots in Tripadvisor’s 2022 report. 

Right behind Dubai, London, Cancun and Bali, the largest island in Greece has been recognised as one of the “bucket list” destinations in the world for millions. 

Known for the large array of cuisines and of course some of the best waters in Europe, Tripadvisor agrees that Crete cannot be explored in a mere one or two weeks. 

Amongst the very long list of things to do, the world’s top travel rating site has given a few suggestions on how you can spend your time on Crete. 

Theriso Gorge is one of the lesser-known natural wonders on Crete and is on the top 10 things to visit while you’re on the island. The desert rock in the middle of the mediterranean never ceases to amaze anyone who visits it.

Theriso Gorge in Crete.

The Heraklion Archeological Museum, which holds treasures that rival any historical or cultural archive, is another must-see on the island. Here, the treasures of the Keftiu (also known as the Minoans) governed the waters without hostilities for more than a thousand years.

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