Clarinetist Elina Georgiou Discusses Her Musical Journey from Limassol to NYC

NEW YORK – Talented clarinetist Elina Georgiou, a recent graduate of the Manhattan School of Music, currently residing in the International House New York, and originally from Limassol, Cyprus, shared her musical journey and accomplishments in an interview with The National Herald.

Georgiou began playing the recorder at a young age, but in the third grade, a classmate playing the clarinet captured her attention and she wanted to learn to play the instrument. Her father bought her a clarinet the same day and the first song she learned to play was ‘Deka Pallikaria’ by composer Manos Loizos. Her journey eventually brought her to the prestigious Manhattan School of Music from which she recently graduated. Georgiou is a gifted artist, performing the music of various cultures and traditions and embracing the power of music to bring people together in spite of their differences.

“Over the past two years, I have proudly represented Cyprus and Greece, playing Cypriot and Greek music at events such as the annual Night of Nations, Sunday Supper and other historic events at the International House New York,” she said. “Additionally, I have had the honor of being the sole Cypriot resident there, further amplifying the cultural diversity of our community.”

Elina Georgiou. (Photo: Sonia Alexandrou)

“One of my notable achievements includes being the recipient of the $10,000 grant from the Davis Project for Peace,” Georgiou noted. “With this grant, I organized the Bi-Com Music Dialogues and Festival in the dead zone in Nicosia. This initiative successfully brought musicians from both sides of Cyprus together, fostering cultural exchange and harmony.”

“Beyond these initiatives, I am actively performing in various events, showcasing my versatility by playing Greek Cypriot, Turkish, and Balkan music,” she said.

“As a representative of Cyprus, I’ve not only performed Cypriot and Greek music at events like the Night of Nations but also actively participated in international student concerts within my university and my residence,” Georgiou noted. “These experiences have allowed me to contribute to a global appreciation for diverse musical traditions.”

“My path to New York and the Manhattan School of Music was been made possible through scholarships from my school, the Leventis Foundation, and the Cyprus Children’s Fund,’ she continued. “These scholarships have been instrumental in shaping my musical pursuits and identity.”

Of her upcoming projects, Georgiou said: “Currently, I am immersed in the exploration of folk and Ottoman music, aiming to offer a fresh perspective and make these traditions more accessible while preserving their authenticity. Simultaneously, I am learning Ney and Duduk, and studying the art of makams, delving deeper into my cultural roots.”

“I am enthusiastic about sharing this journey and its cultural significance,” she noted.

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