Chris Hemsworth is not happy with Thor Love and Thunder Why? find here

The Odinson is highly regarded in the mythology of Greek gods. Courageous, young, and reckless.  And sometimes quick-witted and romantic. As seen in the many thor movies (or at least the first two) Which didn’t get much recognition until Thor Ragnarock. Fans loved the quick pacing of the story, the execution, and of course the great set of characters. Each contributing to the plot and pulling it off with finesse. Many fans know Thor as one of the best storytelling of heroes in the marvel cinematic universe. And with Avengers: Endgame the story and era of many beloved Marvel superheroes came to an end. Chris Evans affirms that the Endgame was their clear endgame in the marvel universe.

Including Robert Downey Jr and Chris Hemsworth. Director Taika Watiti is directing a new Thor more codenamed “Thor: Love and Thunder”. And Natalie Portman is replacing Chris Hemsworth in the lead as the new protagonist of Thor movie and the actor is not happy with that development. Read on more to know about why Chris is unhappy with this decision of the director?

Why Chris is not happy with the Thor: Love and Thunder?

After Natalie Portman reveals that in the next Marvel superhero movie Thor: Love and Thunder she’ll be starring in the lead as female Thor. Many got mixed to negative thoughts on social media. And actor Chris Hemsworth is not happy with the vision the makers have planned for his own franchise. Well, Chris is not the only one as Black Panther’s lead actor. Chadwick Boseman is also not happy with the decision Kevin Feige has taken for the Balck Panther movie.

It seems like Marvel is trying to expand its universe as the female-centric protagonists in the upcoming Marvel movies. Creating more diversity in the marvel cinematic universe. Preferring female leads rather than male leads in their movies and the studio intends to replace the male lead films into female leads. This is not the only case with marvel as Johnny Depp is also not in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. And Margot Robbie is replacing him in the lead of new Pirates of the Caribbean film.

Kevin Feige confirms the appearance of Natalie Portman as Jane Foster in the movie Thor: Love and Thunder. Only this time she’s appearing as the main lead of the movie. Meaning she will be wielding Mjonir in the next movie and fans expressed their criticism and discontent of this decision from makers. And someone is not content with the idea of him replaced in his own franchise.

What Chris have to say for the next Thor movie?

Natalie Portman appearing as the female Thor in the franchise will clearly impact the importance of Thor. And Chris is upset with the fact that he is removed from the spotlight. What hurts Chris is more the idea of the studio trying to overshadow him from his own franchise. Chris mentioned that although the first two Thor movies were not so remarkable. He enjoyed the growth of Thor from the third movie Thor: Ragnarock. He is disappointed that when his character is popular he is going to be forced out by Marvel Studios.

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