Cambridgeshire hotter than parts of Greece today with 20C temperatures

Like many other areas of the country Cambridgeshire saw record breaking heat this summer which sparked debate on climate change. With October almost at an end we would usually be expecting the temperatures to be significantly dropping.

However, today (October 29) we are seeing temperatures in the county that are more synonymous with a summers day and there are even areas that are hotter than parts of Greece. In Cambridge, Huntingdon and Wisbech there will be highs today of 20C.

In Peterborough and Ely there will be highs of 19C. But if we look to Greece, a country known for its hot weather, some areas are only seeing temperatures of 17C, according to The Met Office.

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Limnos is experiencing the 17C heat with Kavala, Thessaloniki and Sitia Public seeing the same temperatures as that of Peterborough with 19C heat. In fact, the countries capital, Athens, is only 1C hotter than Cambridge today.

Things are expected to cool down in Cambridgeshire over the weekend however, Halloween will still be around 17C. As we head into November there will likely be more cloud and rain the the Eastern region.

East of England long-range forecast

According to The Met Office from November 2 to November 11 the forecast will be as follows: “Wednesday is likely to see bands of cloud and rain across the UK, interspersed with brighter conditions and some blustery showers, though showers will be focused towards the northwest with much of the southeast staying dry.

“Conditions remain unsettled later in the week and through the weekend, with showers and longer periods of rain under the influence of low pressure. With the potential for one or more deep lows to form near the UK, severe gales become a possibility in places, with the west seeing the windiest conditions.

“Through the second week, the forecast becomes more mixed, with a greater chance of higher pressure occurring, which could bring spells of colder and drier weather. Otherwise, temperatures near or a little above normal.”

From November 12 to November 26 the forecast reads: “A transition to more settled weather is expected during this period. While changeable conditions with spells of rain are still possible, especially at first, high pressure will become more likely in the vicinity of the UK, probably bringing drier and somewhat colder weather overall. With this increased likelihood of high pressure, overnight frost and fog are also expected to become more frequent.”


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