“Byron in Greece” comes for free on GNO TV of Lyriki ATHENS 9,84

Original historical shadow theater work in three acts

Free viewing at nationalopera.gr/GNOTV until 31 December 2021

In the context of the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the beginning of the Greek Revolution

The musical shadow theater performance of Athos Danellis Byron in Greece brings the legendary hero of our childhood Karagiozis and the Greek adventures of Lord Byron to your screen through GNO TV. The show will be available for free at nationalopera.gr/GNOTV with Greek subtitles from June 5 to December 31, 2021.

New assignment

In this new assignment of the ELS Alternative Stage, which is the first play of shadow theater with the historical personality of Lord Byron as the central figure, the important karaoke player Athos Danellis uses his paper figures to tell the story of his two visits to Greece. first in the context of his youthful European tour and then in the service of the Greek National Uprising) through the dramatic concentration in the dreamy space-time of the traditional berde.

The figures and sets were created by Giannis Papadopoulos (Giovan) after researching historical sources of that time. In fact, several of the figures (including those of Lord Byron in traditional costume, of the Daughter of Athens and the doctor Francesco Bruno) are presented for the first time in a shadow theater performance.

The production is implemented with the support of the donation of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (ISN) [www.SNF.org] for the creation of the anniversary program of the National Opera for the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821.

“Odes to Byron”

the project Byron in Greece is an assignment of the Alternative Tent of ELS at Athos Danelli and belongs to the thematic cycle “Odes to Byron”, which pays tribute to the emblematic romantic poet and philhellene Lord Byron. The circle is curated by the composer Alexandros Mouzas.

The play chronicles the adventures of Lord Byron, from his arrival to his untimely death in Messolonghi in the spring of 1824 and is an attempt to record his episodic life in Greece. THE The structure of the play is based on the rules of classical Greek shadow theater, and the plot follows the corresponding techniques.

The choice of the tools of the popular musical-theatrical form of the shadow theater is not arbitrary at all, given that the versatile Lord is recorded among the spectators of a performance of the early, Turkish version of Karagiozis in a cafe in Ioannina in 1809!

The transformation of the figure of the Lord from a tourist “superstar” of romantic poetry into a conscious philhellene and a benefactor of the Revolution with the dimensions of a national hero is evident through his imaginative assimilation into the archetypal world of Karagiozis, enriched by skilful o John Hobhouse and Teresa Makri, the “Daughter of Athens” from Byron’s poem of the same name, who fell in love with her while catalyzing at her mother’s house in 1810 – when the girl was twelve years old…

Regarding the innovation of the project, the karaoke player Athos Danellis notes:

“Lord Byron appears as a co-star in the pre-war work of the shadow theater Lord Byron and the florist of Athens, unknown creator. The characters, except Byron, are fantastic and the story has nothing to do with historical events. After all, the Lord of the show is only related by name to the real one. It seems that the novel by Kostis Hairopoulos The Lord of Byron and the Daughter of Athens “It was not a source of inspiration for a similar shadow theater work, despite the fact that folk literature often fed them into the repertoire of Karagiozis.”

The music of the show, which consists of adaptations, original compositions and original traditional musical forms of the repertoire of the Greek shadow theater, is curated by the Municipality of Vougioukas. Another characteristic is the improvisation (such as the taximi, the shepherd’s skar, the amane…), necessary in the music of the shadow theater. Each hero of the play emerges on the berde with his characteristic musical motif, as, as the Municipality of Vougioukas points out, “Greek shadow theater is a genuine folk operetta”.

First presentation / Assignment of the Alternative Tent of ELS

Cycle “Odes to Byron”

Athos Danellis

Byron in Greece

Original historical shadow theater work in three acts

The performance was videotaped on the Alternative Stage of ELS at the SNFCC on March 28, 2021

Editing of the cycle “Odes to Byron”: Alexandros Mouzas

Screenplay, presentation: Athos Danellis

Musical composition, adaptation, editing: Municipality of Vougiouka

Figures, sets: Giannis Papadopoulos (Juvan)

Stage collaborators: Apostolos Gravvanis, Nikolas Tzivelekis

Musicians: Municipality of Vougiouka (accordion), Kyriakos Gouventas (violin), Ioanna Riga (zither), Dimitris Koufogiorgos (guitar, mandolin)

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