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Following the first Super Saturday of the year, we saw significant reshuffling in the betting odds chart. Three new songs were selected last night, and the odds saw many changes, with Ukraine maintaining its top position, and moreover, with a clear lead. Bad news for Greece, which has significantly dropped compared to our previous article, and for Cyprus, which, despite gaining ground, still finds itself low in the rankings.

Top 5

Ukraine remains in the first position, with a considerable lead over its pursuers. A victory for Teresa Maria is playing out in odds of approximately 3.5, with no significant changes compared to our previous article. The United Kingdom, after the release of a teaser for Olly Alexander’s song “Dizzy,” temporarily dropped to third place, but is now back in second. A victory for the United Kingdom is playing out in odds ranging from 7 to 9. Italy is third, and after Angelina Mango’s victory, its odds have dropped, with a victory playing out in odds from 7.5 to 11. Sweden is fourth, and so far, has not convinced that it has a winning song. Rounding out the top 5 is Israel, which, after Eden Golan’s victory, regained some ground it had lost in the previous period.

The other countries making up the top 10 are Iceland, Croatia, Georgia, Finland, and Ireland.

Greece and Cyprus

Greece continues to lose ground and is now found in 21st place. A victory for Marina Satti is playing out in odds of up to 66, when just a few months ago, it was playing out in odds up to 35. Cyprus, on the other hand, had an upward trajectory in recent days, likely due to the publicity received from the filming of the video clip in Limassol. Cyprus is now in 27th place, with a potential victory for Silia Kapsis playing out in odds of up to 90.

The many fluctuations we have seen this year at the top of the betting odds herald an exciting year where we won’t know the winner early on, as happened in the previous two seasons. Of course, under the proviso that no song emerges as a clear favorite, and betting companies crown it the unbeatable favorite, as was the case with Stefania and “Tattoo.” We are likely heading towards a repeat of 2021, where things didn’t clear up even during rehearsals, as we had 3-4 songs that were betting favorites vying for victory on almost equal terms.

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