Austrian chancellor to ‘Kathimerini’: no to Turkey’s blackmail | News

With Turkey upping the ante with provocative moves in its borders with Greece, and the EU, the recent flare-up of the migration issue and the topical presence of the coronovirus pandemic, “Kathimerini” has conducted a wide-ranging interview with Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

Kurz, 33, is the youngest head of government in the world and is in his second administration, having also been chancellor from December 2017 to May 2019.

Kurz talked about how Europe can react to the Turkish threat, the role of the US as guarantor of global stability and Austria’s position on migration. He noted that the Greek government has successfully faced the coronavirus crisis and that it is of the utmost importance the European Union adiopts a single position, more united than ever, to face the pandemic. He lauded the “excellent” cooperation between Austria and Greece and underlined that in no way should the EU allow Turkey to blackmail it. This would be achieved only if all EU members decide to act decisively at the political level.

Kurz himself tweeted about the interview published Sunday in Kathimerini:


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