Australian doctors rejuvenate patients blood transfusion

Австралийские врачи омолаживают пациентов переливанием кровиAmbrosia is a miraculous treatment for rejuvenation and healing.

Transfusion of blood and its components, as is well known, for many decades used to treat diseases and save lives, however, one Australian startup has decided to find the transfusion, a very unusual and surprising application.

A small company “Ambrosia Medical”, founded in 2016 in Edgecliff, more than two years developing the procedure of “ambrosia”, named in honor of the nectar of Greek mythology, giving immortality to the gods.

Of course, for people immortality is an unattainable dream, but experts from “Ambrosia Medical” seriously believe that they are able to significantly slow aging, and to restore human health and vitality. For this purpose, it is necessary to transfuse elderly patients the blood plasma of young people aged 16 to 25 years. Procedure transfusion lasts two hours, and the results, according to Australians, is like a real miracle.

Австралийские врачи омолаживают пациентов переливанием крови

Company employees told reporters that he was impressed with the outcome of their experiments. Say, after the transfusion, an elderly man of blood plasma from a young donor recipient in a matter of hours, increase Wellness and stamina, and soon there are other changes: improves memory, changing for the better appearance, there is a constant mood elevation. One such “exercise” will last approximately one year.

To work with ambrosia there are no prohibitions in society – who wants to earn

The founder of a startup Jesse Karmazin at first experimented on mice, to old individuals pouring the blood of their young relatives. The results so impressed the researcher that he immediately got down to testing their treatments on humans. Most interesting is that he did not require any permits and licenses, because under Australian law, voluntary blood transfusion can be done even at home.

Karmazin and his colleagues bought blood plasma from young donors and transfused her age, dared to participate in the experience. If you believe the authors themselves of the experiment, the effect was incredible. It is on this “Ambrosia Medical” is going to build your business: the company will pay young people for the plasma and pour it in a relatively large amount of money for wealthy clients. It is reported that for one procedure it is necessary two liters of ambrosia.

Австралийские врачи омолаживают пациентов переливанием крови

The cost of this rejuvenation will be 12 thousand dollars. As mentioned above, the effect does not last forever, so if the patient wants to continue to delay retirement, wants to stay young, full of strength and energy, he will need to perform the procedure annually or even more often (depending on the individual qualities and age). Karmazin is so believes in the success of the business that has plans to open such centres for transfusion plasma in the large cities of America: new York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

Opponents of the use of ambrosia warn about the serious consequences of such a “rejuvenation”

Note that Orthodox doctors are not too impressed with a similar idea. Skeptical doctors believe that ragweed is potentially dangerous for the recipients. The doctors say that every transfusion of plasma will be accompanied by an intense surge of the immune system that may lead to health problems and even endanger human life. Even when vital half of transfusion recipients observed negative side effects. Jesse Karmazin, scientists believe, will achieve only what a blood transfusion is licensed and will take under strict state control, like, say, drugs…

Австралийские врачи омолаживают пациентов переливанием крови

And this, in turn, continue the Internet users, will create another mafia in society, so that the activities of the company “Ambrosia Medical” is not as harmless as it may seem at first glance. Rejuvenation and revitalization with the help of the children’s blood was engaged scientists of Nazi Germany, but their experience is somehow no one to take no weapons, nor even to learn to use is simply immoral, in contrast to blood transfusion in order to save man.

So the Australians have sights on the Holy of holies (after all, human blood – human blood is a conductor of the soul), and it’s good it’s not going to end, sure many people.

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