Aussie Bank Chases Soccer Owner in Greece, Claims Big Fraud | sports , community

One of Australia’s largest banks, Westpac, said it was scammed in a multiple-bank $400 million fraud by the former President of the Sydney Olympic soccer team, Bill Papas (Basile Papadimitriou) – a former truck driver – who fled to Greece, where he remains.

An Australian court said the bank will have to translate court documents into Greek and send them to a bailiff in Athens to serve companies the bank claims are part of a massive fraud it alleges was orchestrated by Papas, said

Bank officials were said to be frustrated they can’t get at him, although it wasn’t reported if they’re seeking his extradition from Greece, where the report said he used the money to buy the Xanthi soccer team.

While the bank said that he stole millions, his lawyer told the court that his client can’t return to Australia to face charges because he can’t afford a plane ticket to get there and that the country bars arrivals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A report in the Sydney Morning Herald said those who were duped alleged he forged their signatures to get loans from three banks.

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