Asda responds as bizarre fake Asda supermarket spotted by holidaymakers in Greece

Curious holidaymakers have spotted a strange sight in Greece this summer – a bizarre fake Asda supermarket.

The branch, in the popular holiday resort of Faliraki in Rhodes, Greece, says ‘Supermarket ASDA’ across the front, with the ASDA logo adopting the familiar chunky green font.

The fake ASDA is unrelated to the Leeds-based grocery giant

The fake ASDA is unrelated to the Leeds-based grocery giant

It also has another ASDA logo scrawled in green paint on stonework above the shopfront, although the blue shadowing on the first logo is slightly dated, suggesting this fake Asda has been trading for some time.

The store sells beers and spirits, food and fresh fruit along with cigarettes and local Greek produce such as meats and olive oil.

Faliraki is popular with British holidaymakers who pack out the island every summer looking for some hot weather, a few beers and a Greek souvlaki or two.

But the Leeds-based Asda supermarket has confirmed it HASN’T in fact opened a branch in Greece, but has been victim of a knock-off store using its name and logo without authorisation.

The fake ASDA spotted in Rhodes

The fake ASDA spotted in Rhodes

Despite rocking Asda’s logo, the store is nothing to do with the Yorkshire retail giant.

A spokesman for Asda said: “Our low prices might be world famous and we do offer a fabulous range of delicious Greek foods, but we haven’t expanded into the Greek market and will be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any other shops trying to pass off as Asda.”

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Knock-off brands are very common in Rhodes. Holidaymakers have also spotted a fake Sainsbury’s and a knock-off Co-op which have also no relation to their British stores.

Various shops across the island also sell fake brands including imitation Armani belts, Michael Kors handbags, Chanel perfume and Hugo Boss t-shirts, all in the range of 10 to 30 Euros apiece.

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