Another Heat Wave Sweeps Over Much of Greece

Greece’s National Meteorological Service (EMY) says the cool weather of the last week or so will come to an end this weekend. Temperatures are expected to rise over the next several days, according to meteorologists, to begin a zig-zag effect starting on Tuesday. Temperatures approached 40 in parts of Greece over the weekend, but Tuesday highs are only expected in the mid-30s.

EMY, along with the Meteo team from the National Observatory of Athens say the northerly winds responsible for keeping the temperatures in Greece at bearable levels during the last few days, are now dissipating. On Saturday, Athens and several locations across mainland Greece reached the mid to high 30s (90s Fahrenheit) Saturday and Sunday, but cooler temperatures seem to be on the way starting tomorrow. As you can see on the map from the Weather Channel, temperatures in Tripoli as of this report have reached 42 (107.6 F).

The high temperatures are projected to continue into Monday as well, but the weather will gradually become unsettled, with showers and storms perhaps passing through the western and northern parts of the country in subsequent days. The extended forecast trends toward much hotter temperatures by Wednesday through next weekend.

The last several days have seen extraordinarily hot temperatures hit most parts of Europe. The heatwave which swept across France, the UK, the Benelux countries and Germany broke all-time records in all of these nations, reaching an almost-unimaginable 42.6 degrees (109 degrees Fahrenheit) on Thursday in Germany.

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