Ancient Greek Mythology with Ms. Wise: Prometheus and Pandora

Ancient Greek Mythology project presenting the myth about Prometheus and Pandora.

P.S. I like to keep my shit simple.

“Prometheus was mankind’s benefactor. The king of the gods wasn’t crazy about us and didn’t want us to have, among other things, fire. Prometheus, on the other hand, wanted good things for us, so stealthily, he brought us the gift of fire. In return, Zeus presented man with a “gift,” Pandora, the first woman. While Prometheus may have crafted man, woman was a different sort of creature. She came from the forge of Hephaestus, beautiful as a goddess and beguiling, thanks to traits bestowed by Athena and Zeus. Zeus presented her as a bride to Prometheus’ brother Epimetheus. Prometheus had the gift of thinking ahead, but Epimetheus was only capable of afterthought, so Prometheus, expecting retribution for his audacity, had warned his brother against accepting gifts from Zeus. [Note: this is not the origin of the expression Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.]

Zeus gave the gods-crafted Pandora as bride to Epimetheus, along with a box with a warning label telling the couple never to open it. Epimetheus was dazzled by his bride, Pandora. Perhaps he forgot the advice of his prescient brother. Perhaps he thought they were supposed to hold the box in safe-keeping for Zeus against his return — that it wasn’t a gift, at all.” – N.S. Gill


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