Ancient Greek food recipe – Lentil soup

The dietary habits of ancient Greeks characterized the austerity, reflecting the difficult conditions under which Greek agricultural activity was conducted. The foundation of ancient Greek food was the so-called “Mediterranean triad”: wheat, oil and wine.

On the basis of ancient Greek food, wheat cereals and, in cases of need, a mixture of barley and wheat, from which bread was made. Cereals were usually accompanied by fruit and vegetables (cabbage, onions, lentils and chickpeas).

Consumption of meat and seafood in ancient Greek food was related to the family’s financial situation, but also to whether it lived in the city, in the countryside or near the sea. The Greeks consumed particularly dairy products and mainly cheese. But butter was known, but instead it was mainly used in olive oil. The food accompanied wine (red, white or rose) mixed with water.

Ancient Greek food and recipes – Lentil soup


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