Ancient Greece Documentary Macedonia A Civilization Uncovered Ancient Greece Documentary

Ancient Greece Documentary Macedonia A Civilization Uncovered Ancient Greece Documentary

This BBC Ancient Greece Documentary is a full history documentary film about the civilization of ancient Macedonia. The Macedonians (Greek: Μακεδόνες, Makedónes) were an ancient tribe that lived on the alluvial plain around the rivers Aliakmon and lower Axios in the northeastern part of the Greek peninsula. Macedonians, who were considered as an ancient Greek tribe, gradually expanded from their homeland along the Aliakmon valley on the northern edge of the Greek world, absorbing or driving out neighboring tribes, primarily Thracian and Illyrian.

This history documentary, one of the best documentary films about the great civilization of the Greek tribe of Macedonians, explores the kingdom of Macedonia as seen from the eys of archaeologist Manolis Andronicos, who discovered the tomb of ruler Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. In this top documentary film we watch Manolis Andronicos extensive work to uncover a Macedonian settlement and we follow his attempts to prove that Greek Macedonian civilization was a sophisticated center of culture rather than an outpost of classical Greece.
This ancient history documentary film covers an unprecedented archeological discovery. In November 8th- 1977, Manolis Andronikos and his team were in front of an ancient discovery that caused worldwide excitement. Archaeologists had discovered a Macedonian tomb in Vergina. The bones of King Philip, the father of King Alexander, were found in a golden larnaca.

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The Kingdom of Macedon that was established around the 8th century BC is mostly associated with the Argead dynasty, and the tribe named after it. Traditionally ruled by independent families, the Macedonians seem to have accepted Argead rule by the time of King Alexander I (r. 498–454 BC). Under King Philip II (r. 359–336 BC), they are credited with numerous military innovations, which enlarged their territory and increased their control over other areas, leading to the exploits of Alexander the Great, the establishment of several realms from the Diadochi, and the inauguration of the Hellenistic civilization.

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