AKTINA's Greek Music Journey 2015: Yannis Kotsiras Performs Vrechei Stin Ftochogetonia

In front of a packed house at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College in Manhattan, Yannis Kotsiras delights the audience with a moving performance of the classic Mikis Theodorakis’s Vrechei Stin Ftochogeitonia (It’s Raining in the Poor Neighborhood) for AKTINA’s Greek Music Journey produced by Elena Maroulleti. Performing with Yannis Kotsiras were Akis Katsoupakis (Keyboards) and Kostas Michalos (Guitar, Vocals). Video Tom Stouras, AKTINA TV. The reproduction, redistribution, alteration or re-editing of this video is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved by AKTINA TV and AKTINA Productions, Inc. Video may be only shared through AKTINA TV’s youtube channel. For more information visit, www.aktinatv.com


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