Airplane History- From Icarus to the Wright Brothers and Beyond

In Ancient Greece, a long line of pioneers works hard tirelessly until two brothers make a dream flight possible.

Reason Behind The Invention Of Airplane

A simple question that it could be possible to fly? Since from immemorial time, a man has a dream of flying. This dream was first started by the close observation of flying birds by our ancestors. In the slow development of a process for centuries in an attempt directly to emulate birds. As the inventors spent many years through machines to generate flapping wings. In the late 19th and 20th centuries, humanity finds the possibility to fly, and the secret behind is heavier than air is flight.

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The Story of the First Plane

Since ancient Greece came up with various thoughts for many years, including exciting concepts. The first artificial self-propelled device was built in 400 BC, by Archytas. If it is true, the fight can move around 200 meters. The first attempt was started in the 16th century. In-depth studies, Leonardo da Vinci, made the bird’s wing. The design of a man-powered aircraft was manged by him in the 1500s in his Codex of the flight of birds.

Wright brother's Day Airplane History- From Icarus to the Wright Brothers and Beyond-3

Some of the scientists like Newton are made a huge contribution to the relationship of resistance, surface area to understand. Bernoulli and Euler built the explanation of velocity and pressure. In the 18th century, George Cayley helped relevant data on aerodynamics. He explained basic things to fly an aircraft and became the first experimenter to focus on the plane of a fixed-wing.

Otto Lilienthal, a German engineer, completed the work of the wing design after Cayley. From the source of Encyclopedia Brittanica between 1890, Lilienthal designed 2000 flights, and a fatal glider crash happened in 1896. In the 20th century, the true flight was cracked by Wright Brothers in the United States. The employer Charles Taylor and Wright Brothers together build their design. In 1903, 17th December, Kitty Hawk and Brothers made first powered flight Flyer 1, which is denser than air, and the rest is history.

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Working on Airplane

The first true airplane of the world Flyer1 is a remarkable one weighs 600 pounds and 40 feet wingspan with two propellers in the opposite direction. It travels around 120 feet, and Wright extended to the record of 852 feet in 59 seconds. After that, they built Flyer 2 and Flyer 3 with a record creating of flying 34 miles in 38 minutes. This record happened on October 5 in 1905. Wright Brothers formed the American Wright Company in 1909 to manufacture airplanes. By the end of the 1950s, airplanes become common to travel with a new level of speed and comfort with the help of American Airlines.

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