AENAON Unveils “Hysteria” Music Video

AENAON Unveils "Hysteria" Music Video

Hellenic prog black metal outfit Aenaon has posted the music video for their new single titled “Hysteria”. The band’s upcoming album, Mnemosyne, from which the song is lifted, will see its release on October 7th via Agonia Records. Pre-orders can be placed now at this location.

“Six years have passed  since our last album and we are thrilled to finally share our darkest effort so far,” comments Aenaon. “As always, we have been silent but creatively restless, aiming to a timeless creation. Mnemosyne is an album of noir aesthetics and emotional extremity. The title derives from the Greek goddess of remembrance and the river of memory.”

Foreshadowed as an album of “heavily textured black metal,” Mnemosyne will offer nine new songs, recorded, mixed and mastered by guitarist / bassist Achilleas C. (Varathron, Katavasia) at Suncord Audiolab in Ioannina, Greece. The painting that adorns the cover was created by Ben Howe while prepared the layout.



“Cartesian Eye”

“Synastry Of Heartbeats”


“Trauma Cultura”

“Clark Nova”




“Grand Narcotic Reharvest” (Slipcase CD bonus track)

The name Aenaon means “the Eternal” in Greek. The band’s history dates back to 2006 and encompasses (on top of several smaller releases) three studio albums: Cendres Et Sang (2011), Extance (2014) and Hypnosophy (2016).

(Photo credit: Evi Savva)


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