Adam Driver’s second shirtless Burberry campaign goes viral. Again

written by Leah Doran, CNN

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As we head into August, there’s one definite accessory to headline summer.

On Monday, Adam Driver went viral again with a topless, sober Burberry campaign promoting the brand’s eau de parfum, Burberry Hero. Barefoot, and decidedly bare-chested, the actor can be seen towing a mighty caramel-colored horse across a deserted beach at dusk.

The two beings plunge into the sea together and emerge as one Animorph, blending the horse-riding tropes of romantic heroes with a healthy dose of Greek mythology. Directed by Jonathan Glaser and shot by Mario Sorrenti, the fragrance ad is a continuation of the first enthusiastic ‘Centaur’ commercial the brand released just a year before him.

Driver’s shirtless campaign quickly sparked an online frenzy.
credit: burberry

The actor’s fanbase attributed the rugged campaign image showing a shirtless driver in waist-deep crystal blue water to being the unanimous social response to the question, “What is the female gaze?” I immediately suggested. (The term, derived from feminist critical theory, is usually used to describe art that deviates from the objective male perspective that dominates contemporary culture.)

But the driver’s ad wasn’t the only fuselage that grabbed attention that week. That wasn’t the only thing that became a feminist point of contention.

England’s Chloe Kelly caused controversy on Sunday when she held a shirtless goal celebration at Wembley Stadium in London during the women’s Euro 2022 football final. Kelly won the tournament for the first time in her home country’s history, excitedly crossing her lawn, gleefully pulling off her “Lioness” shirt to reveal a Nike sports bra and a toned belly. out of ten years. ”

Kelly celebrates the winning goal in the UEFA Women's Euro 2022 final between England and Germany.

Kelly celebrates the winning goal in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 final between England and Germany. credit: Maya Hithi/Getty

Kelly’s celebration, which reveled in the team’s accomplishments, wasn’t “for sex or show,” writes journalist Lucy Ward. Tweet It has since been liked more than 154,000 times, but “just for the sheer joy of what she can do and the powers and skills she possesses”.

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