A Journal of Musical ThingsNew Music from the Inbox Tuesday Edition! (Dec. 3, 2019): Alen Tagus, Cultdreams, Greek Lake Swimmers, & More!

Artist: Alen Tagus
Song: “Hush”
Album: Single
Artist location: Europe

Why I like it: Groovy rhythm.


Artist: Cultdreams
Song: “Flowers On Their Graves”
Album: Single
Band location: Brighton, England and Antwerp, Belgium

Why I like it: Dark and full of distortion


Artist: Great Lake Swimmers
Song: “The Talking Wind” (Acoustic)
Album: Single
Band location: Toronto

Why I like it: Full of rich harmonies


Artist: The Terminally Well
Song: “Mighty Empires Fall”
Album: Single
Band location: Philadelphia, PA

Why I like it: Blues-based grooves


Artist: Wild Cat Strike
Song: “Toothcutter”
Album: Single
Band location: Brighton, England

Why I like it: Funky, bluesy rhythms


Artist: Beach Scvm
Song: “Summer Jobs”
Album: Single
Band location: Toulouse, France

Why I like it: Quick-paced with atmospheric sounds.


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