50 Cent ‘Can’t Believe’ This ‘Get Him to the Greek’ Scene With Diddy ‘Mind F*cking’ Jonah Hill

50 Cent is still dragging Diddy as much as he can, and this time, he’s making fun of his role in the 2010 film Get Him to the Greek.

On Tuesday, 50 hopped on social media and shared a clip from the comedy where Diddy, who played label owner Sergio Roma, asked Jonah Hill’s character Aaron Green if he’s ever been “mindfucked.” Green looked uncomfortable but obliged Roma anyway, leading to one of the funniest scenes in the film.

However, people have been looking at it differently since Diddy was accused of sexual assault and trafficking over the last few months. 50 couldn’t believe a scene like that didn’t raise questions about Diddy’s alleged behavior before, writing in his caption, “I can’t believe it’s so much of this 😆 LOL.

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