15 Foods That Aren’t From Where We Thought

Cheesecake is Greek


(Tina Guina/Unsplash)

People have been asking “what if we put sugar in the cheese?” ever since Ancient Greece, when cheesecake was a popular wedding cake and even served at the first Olympic games. “New York cheesecake” only became a thing after cream cheese was invented, despite the brotherly lovely ruse.

No One Wants to Claim Danishes


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Legend has it that Danishes were invented by accident by a thoughtless French chef in the 17th century, who opened a bakery in Paris to sell the “thousand leaves” pastries that became so popular that he franchised to Italy, where Austrian tourists apparently noticed them. Fast forward to 1850, when striking Danish bakers were scabbed over by bakers from Vienna, who didn’t know how to make Danish pastries, so they made … Danish pastries. It became a hit in Denmark, where it’s called a “Viennese,” while Germans call it a “Copenhagener” and Americans, of course, a “Danish,” because despite its universal popularity, no one apparently wants to take the credit. Poor Danishes. They only want to be loved.

Top image: Karsten Winegeart/Unsplash

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