10 places for street food from around the world in Newcastle

We take a look at where you can get a quick, tasty bite to eat in Newcastle and ear cuisine from around the world, including sushi, gyros, curries and more

Newcastle’s street food scene seems to have exploded in recent years, with pop-ups, restaurants and market stalls satisfying curious diners who want to taste treats from around the world.

In the Grainger Market alone, you can sample food from Italy, Greece, China, Spain, America and more – although there is nothing wrong with enjoying a saveloy dip or a ham and pease pudding stottie there, either.

Elsewhere in the city, Ouseburn has an Indian-inspired delight, while a quiet corner of Shieldfield is home to a Korean cafe which knocks out some serious Seoul-food.

So if you’re keen to chow down on some street food, here are 10 places you could try – none of them are far from the city centre.

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