10 Hilarious God Of War Memes

The 2018 God of War game was critically acclaimed in large part for how intense and serious it was, but it has also proven to be great meme fodder.

The 2018 soft reboot/sequel to the PlayStation God of War franchise gave fans of the long-running hack ‘n slash series everything that they could ask for and more in terms of lore, gameplay, graphics, new characters, and even more on a long list of dreams coming true. However, this addition to the series introduced something past games omitted.

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That addition was some of the best comedy in the God of War series and most likely the only intentional pieces of comedy as well— the older games in the series definitely had plenty of hilarious moments, none of them on purpose. A lot of these lighthearted moments were adored by fans and in classic fashion, resulted in some great memes that have joined the ranks of classic God of War jokes.

10 Dad of War

dad of war meme

The newest God of War honestly might be the perfect Father’s Day gift for any dad, as fans witnessed Kratos morphing from a simple force of nature that wanted nothing but the death of Olympus and all the Gods present, into as big a dad as any. It definitely served to make him a sympathetic character for probably the first time in the series, at least since the original.

This meme takes that transformation to the next level. Gone is all the battle equipment fans are used to seeing Kratos in. It’s all been replaced with the best equipment a stereotypical dad can buy.

9 Headaches

god of war headache meme

Of course, having a son isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. In the case of Kratos, it’s actually the hardest job he’s had, joining the storied ranks of video game dads. In fact, the job of being a father and raising a young boy alone is probably more troublesome than facing armies of superpowered beings.

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This is joked about in this meme which showcases the causes of different types of headaches. Kratos is apparently in constant pain due to his son being a constant headache.

8 Zeus! I Bring You The Death Of Asgard!

kratos thor

Apparently Loki wanted to get things over within this meme throwing Kratos inside of the MCU film, Thor Ragnarok. With everything Kratos has faced up to his old age shown in the new God of War this might just be a cakewalk for him.

Coincidentally, one crossover that fans have always wanted to see is Kratos clashing weapons with the God of Thunder, Thor. Not one from his universe in the God of War games, but Marvel’s own. This meme is probably the closest they’ll get to it, though.

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