10 bands currently shaping the Greek underground

For 20 years Agnes Vein have been blazing a path through Greece’s underground extreme metal scene, their fusion of epic black and doom metal helping to carry the torch set by luminaries Rotting Christ, Necromantia and Septicflesh. With their latest album Deathcall released on December 17th, we thought it best to catch up with the band to get a guide to some of the most exciting things happening in the Greek metal underground today.

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1. Universe217 (doom/sludge/post-metal)

“Universe271 sound like no other band – it’s as simple as that. The sum of what one will experience particularly when witnessing them on-stage is incomparable. They master an artistic blend of doom, sludge and post-metal, with solid dynamics and this eerie voice capable of bringing down mountains. They have been leading the local underground for many years, never compromising and delivering top-notch quality music every chance they get.”

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